The COEth™ Platform enables sustainable products to be sold at competitive prices

Novomer has developed innovative catalyst systems and processes that enable production of a wide variety of materials.

Novomer’s carbonylation catalyst has selectivity greater than 99% and operates at moderate operating conditions, allowing for life cycle advantages of little waste and low energy usage.

Novomer has developed a streamlined, low capital cost, continuous process for the conversion of carbon monoxide (CO) and ethylene oxide (EO) into a variety of chemicals and polymers. This catalyst system produces 3-carbon and 4-carbon products.

World-scale manufacturing plants are currently in various stages of engineering and site preparation around the world. Key unit operations have been validated in increasingly larger scale continuous systems. In 2014, Novomer designed and deployed a fully automated continuous pilot process. A larger demonstration unit is currently operating at the Novomer Innovation Center.

COEthTM Platform

The COEthTM process leverages efficiency and competitive production costs attributable to high selectivity of the catalyst, lower capital cost for commercial plants, low to moderate operating conditions, use of CO as a raw material, and readily available supply of ethanol to produce EO. CO is sourced from biomass via gasification, a waste stream of another process, or other renewable starting materials.

Intellectual Property

Two of our largest assets are our people and our intellectual property. Novomer has continued its research and development to produce pathways to a multitude of products. Our extensive patent portfolio protects our technology around the world with:

  • Robust framework provided by broad patents,
  • Broad IP coverage of EO & CO derived products,
  • Ongoing research by a dedicated technical team that keeps filling the invention pipeline for application filings, and
  • Hundreds of patents filed internationally, particularly across the highest potential countries.
Innovation Center in Rochester, NY

New 26,000 sq ft Novomer Innovation Center in Rochester, NY

The Novomer Innovation Center is designed to meet the expanding demands of our growing sustainable chemicals business. The new 26,000 square foot facility houses technology research, product development activities, and a Demonstration Unit to make customer samples for a variety of products. Novomer is expected to employ about 60 chemists, engineers, lab technicians, and other personnel at the new facility.