Creating sustainable chemicals to reduce the environmental impact of everyday products

Plant-based feedstocks and the efficiency of our processes reduce the environmental impact of our products

Novomer’s chemicals and polymers are produced from plant-based and renewable feedstocks, mainly EO from bioethanol and CO from waste streams of other processes, biomass via gasification, or other renewable starting materials.

Renewable energy to power production facilities

Novomer will look to power future plants with renewable energy, specifically solar power for electricity and plant-based sources for steam.

Technology that converts agricultural products and waste into valuable industrial materials for numerous applications

Novomer’s technology allows the cost-effective synthesis of plant-based, sustainable chemicals and materials for five main base products (acrylic acid, polyols, isocyanates, polypropiolactone, succinic anhydride, and succinic acid) and a wide variety of other applications.

Supply chain transparency across product offerings

We have access to all raw material suppliers and are therefore able to help customers better understand the impacts of Novomer products. This transparency also allows Novomer to inform suppliers of, and in some cases help implement, best practices from an environmental and social perspective.