Succinic Anhydride and Succinic Acid

The Novomer COEthTM Platform is lower cost and has significant environmental advantages for the production of succinic anhydride over traditional preparation via hydrogenation of maleic anhydride. The process proceeds simply and rapidly: the Novomer carbonylation catalyst is used to convert plant-based or renewable ethylene oxide (EO) and carbon monoxide (CO) to a chemical intermediate, after which a second CO molecule is added in the presence of the Novomer carbonylation catalyst. The result is pure succinic anhydride. To produce succinic acid, hot water is simply added to succinic anhydride. 

How It Is Used

Succinic anhydride and succinic acid are used as precursors to a wide variety of chemicals. These include polymers used to make resins and plastics. Some plastics manufactured from succinic acid are biodegradable.

1,4-Butanediol (BDO) can be manufactured using succinic anhydride. BDO is used to make textiles, solvents and plastics, including thermoplastic polyurethanes. Succinic anhydride can also be used to manufacture tetrahydrofuran (THF), a solvent with many applications, and maleic anhydride, which is widely used to manufacture polyester resins.

Succinic acid is used in the food industry as a flavoring agent and in the food and medical industries to regulate acidity. Some examples of specific applications include specialty polyesters, alkyd resins, acidity regulators, and flavorings. It also can be used in the manufacture of a variety of polymers.

Novomer succinic anhydride and succinic acid, produced from plant-based or renewable raw materials, have less environmental impact and require less energy than conventional counterparts.

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