Our COEth™ Platform enables a wide range of sustainable chemicals and polymers

We are commercializing manufacturing processes that create cost competitive, sustainable products

Our homogeneous catalyst system combines plant-based or renewable carbon monoxide and ethylene oxide to enable the production of widely used chemicals like glacial acrylic acid, SustainolTM polyols, BiocyanateTM isocyanates, succinic anhydride, succinic acid, and polypropiolactone.

Our products have lower environmental impacts

The Novomer COEthTM process has been demonstrated to have lower environmental impacts than existing manufacturing technologies. Our commitment to plant-based and renewable feedstocks, efficient processing, near zero waste, and renewable energy sources makes our products and facilities some of the most advanced in the industry.

Our Family of Sustainable Chemical Products

Acrylic Acid

Novomer has developed a cost-competitive, sustainable route to make acrylic acid and acrylate esters.


Polypropiolactone (PPL) is a biodegradable polymer with attractive mechanical and physical properties suitable for packaging and thermoplastic applications.


SustainolTM polyols play a key role in the production of polyurethane products. 

Future Products


BiocyanateTM, Novomer’s family of isocyanates, can be used in a diverse set of applications, primarily in the production of polyurethane products.

Succinic Anhydride and Succinic Acid

Succinic anhydride can be used in a variety of applications such as butanediol, polyurethane, tetrahydrofuran, and more. Succinic acid can be used to make a variety of polymers.