Novomer Closes Transaction to Spin-out its Converge Polyols business

  • Transaction valued at up to $100 Million
  • Novomer will use the funds to accelerate the commercialization of its COEthTM technology for ethanol based chemicals and polymers

Waltham, MA - November 3, 2016 -- Novomer, Inc. (Novomer) today announced the successful completion of the sale if its Converge polyols businesses to Saudi Aramco’s subsidiaries Aramco Services Company and Saudi Aramco Technologies. Included in the transaction, valued at up to US$100 Million, are Novomer’s extensive CO2 polyol patent portfolio, along with certain equipment and product inventory.

Jim Mahoney, Novomer President, said: “The entire Novomer team is truly excited by this acquisition. Soon after we commercialized the Converge polyol technology we entered into a strategic relationship with Saudi Aramco and for the past two and one-half years have worked together to expand the commercial potential of this exciting technology. This acquisition is the culmination of that significant team effort. I commend Aramco on its strategic vision and commitment to innovation.” Mahoney also added: “Novomer will use the proceeds from this acquisition to fully commercialize its COEthTM (EO/CO) process to make low cost, sustainable C-3 and C-4 products, including glacial acrylic acid, butanediol, polypropiolactone and succinic acid.”

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