Shape tomorrow's sustainable chemicals at Novomer

At Novomer, our mission is to develop and produce cost competitive, sustainable materials to create solutions for a more sustainable planet.

Novomer’s work environment is dynamic, collaborative and flexible. As a small, growing company, open communication, innovation, and a willingness to change the status quo are valued, while hard work is recognized and rewarded. 

In the Lab


We offer a comprehensive benefits package to ensure employees and their families have the resources to take care of themselves. This includes paid-time-off for vacation, holidays, and sick time, dental and health insurance, a company-paid health reimbursement account, life insurance, short and long-term disability, and options for a Flexible Spending Account and 401K. 

Why Work at Novomer?

“I’m confident I have significantly more responsibilities at Novomer than I’d have at any other company at this stage of my career.”

-Engineering Manager

“I joined Novomer to be part of a chemical company that sets the new standard for environmental responsibility and creativity.”

-Engineering Technician

“The thing I like the most about working at Novomer is the actual work I do. I get to not just apply the same approach to different applications, but also learn to use new simulation tools to expand the capabilities of the simulation group.”

-Process Engineer

“Working at a small company that is growing quickly means that I am exposed to many different areas of the business. Also, knowing the potential for environmental improvements of each new product makes every project I work on more exciting.”

-Senior Business Associate

We're always on the lookout for top talent!

Novomer has two office locations. Our Headquarters, where our executive team, corporate functions, and project management office is based, is in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Our Innovation Center, where our research and development and process commercialization teams are based, is located in Rochester, New York.

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