We are making sustainable, plant-based chemicals the new normal

Novomer is designing and developing facilities for the production of cost competitive, sustainable chemicals and polymers. Our materials, produced from plant-based and renewable feedstocks, are able to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Novomer’s headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts and the Novomer Innovation Center is in Rochester, New York.

What We Do

Produce cost competitive, sustainable chemicals and polymers


Deploy manufacturing plants globally

Develop strategic relationships with our customers

Working in the lab

Catalyze Your Career

Novomer has positions at every level, with openings in multiple disciplines from project management to chemistry to engineering. We seek employees who have innovative problem-solving skills and a mindset of intelligent risk-taking, and who are ready to learn and develop.

Join the Team

Join the Novomer team and carve out a unique career in the chemicals industry, where every career is Catalyzing Green ChemistryTM.

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Management Team

Jim Mahoney
Chief Executive Officer, Director
Sadesh Sookraj, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Chemicals
Herb Munsterman
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Legal Affairs
Phil Roberto
Chief Financial Officer

Board Members

Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer, Director