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Polypropiolactone is a biodegradable polymer that has attractive mechanical and physical properties that may make it suitable for packaging and thermoplastic applications. The polymer is stable and easily transportable.

Producing PPL from EO and CO using Novomer Technology
Novomer Can Produce PPL at Different Molecular Weights

Novomer is exploring opportunities whereby the polymer will first be used in a packaging/thermoplastic application, collected and then “upcycled” into glacial acrylic acid. When polypropiolactone is produced from bio-based feedstocks, the opportunity exists to produce not only a carbon-negative diaper but possibly an “upcycled” carbon negative diaper.

Benefits of Novomer's Process
The Novomer Process can be Used to Produce a 100% Renewable PPL that can be Upcycled to Acrylic Acid