Business Headquarters
Novomer, Inc.
One Bowdoin Square, Suite 300
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 781-419-9860
Fax: 781-672-2525

Research & Development Lab
Novomer Inc.
1999 Lake Avenue
Rochester, NY 14650


Press Contact
Joseph Grande
J. Grande communications Inc.

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Our Vision

Converting waste into valuable materials.

"Converting carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from pollution into valuable materials has the potential to transform the plastics and materials landscape on a global scale."

Jim Mahoney, Novomer CEO

Novomer is a new materials company commercializing a family of competitively priced high-performance sustainable polymers and chemicals based on the beneficial use of waste gasses such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. With proprietary catalyst and process technologies and a world-class scientific team, Novomer's groundbreaking work allows these waste greenhouse gasses to be cost-effectively transformed into building blocks for a wide variety of industrial products and applications.

Novomer Vision