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Novomer has been awarded the following federal and state grants to support the commercialization of our CO2-based polymers and the development of our carbonylation technology:

Department of Energy

Department of Energy - Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO)
(CO Technology)

Awarded a $5M grant from DOE towards conversion of waste CO2 from industrial sources and ethane-derivatives from shale gas to High Value Chemicals intermediates (e.g. acrylic acid).

The 30 month, $6.8M project with a 26.5% industry cost share aims to develop, build, operate and validate a semi integrated laboratory scale continuous process to make CO2 based chemical intermediates using a combustion-assisted Solid Oxide Electrolyzer (SOE) in conjunction with Novomer’s catalytic carbonylation chemistry. Preliminary estimates suggest a 20-40% reduction in both cradle to grave energy usage and cost compared to current production technologies.

Department of Energy - National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) (CO2 Technology)

The $2.5M Phase One project focused on experiments and preliminary designs for pilot plants, during which Novomer demonstrated the feasibility of capturing and using CO2 exhausted from industrial processes.

During the 24-month, $23M Phase Two project, including a 20 percent industry cost share, Novomer and its partners demonstrated the feasibility of materials created at pilot-scale, in advance of broad commercialization.

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
New York State Energy Research & Development (NYSERDA)
$475,000 for two phases of work, included a feasibility study and commercialization activities for the coatings and packaging markets.

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation
$400,000 to develop a continuous flow manufacturing process to make CO2-based polymers.