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CO Technology

Novomer has designed an innovative catalyst system and developed processes that are able to leverage the attributes of the novel catalyst. The carbonylation catalyst has selectivity in excess of 99% and operates at moderate conditions. 

The team at Novomer have identified and tested the key unit operations required for the conversion of CO and EO in a batch environment. The process was then scaled up and validated in a continuous process. During 2014 Novomer designed and deployed a fully automated continuous pilot process as the next step towards the design of world-scale plant.

ACU Reactor Skid
The Reactor Section of Novomer's Continuous Automated Unit

The Novomer process is unique in that the platform can produce 3-carbon, 4 carbon and polymeric products using the same catalyst system. The “front-end” of the process, namely the production of the beta propiolactone is common across all products. The CO platform technology will integrate easily in existing operating sites as the catalyst system is robust and is active in the presence of molecules such as CO2 and H2.

Easy Integration with Other Chemical Processes
The Novomer Chemicals Platform Easily Integrates with Other Chemical Processes