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An innovative company focused on making sustainable chemicals the new normal, Novomer needs your talent and motivation to help us achieve our vision and goals.  At Novomer, every career is Catalyzing Green ChemistryTM. Novomer has positions at every level, with openings in multiple disciplines, requiring innovative problem-solving skills and intelligent risk taking. Novomer employees have a willingness to challenge the ‘status quo’ of the chemicals industry. Join the Novomer team and thrive in a work environment that is dynamic, flexible and open.   If interested in becoming part of the Novomer team, please review the job listings below and submit resumes by email to:

Available Positions:

We currently have openings for analytical and polymer scientists, chemical and process engineers as well as laboratory technicians.

More job descriptions will be posted shortly.

Process Engineer - Rochester, NY

Location: Rochester, NY
Job Title: Process Engineer

Position Summary:
This position will closely work with other scientists and engineers in the company on the process development and scale-up of chemicals and chemical intermediates utilizing Novomer's proprietary homogeneous catalyst. The Process Engineer will be responsible for advancing the technical concepts, operation of lab scale continuous reactor systems, data processing, and managing construction and installation of an automated pilot plant. The responsibilities will also include the generation of process scale-up data necessary to support commercialization de-risking.

Core Competencies:

  • Hands-on experience with multiple phases of catalytic process development, preferably homogeneous catalytic process development, including reactor design, separations schemes, small-scale pilot operations, economic evaluation and modeling of process technologies.
  • Command of homogeneous catalysis, chemical synthesis, process development, and process scale-up.
  • Proven track record of collaboratively working with diverse chemical disciplines which includes engineers, process chemists, analytic chemists, catalyst experts, operators, EH&S, and subject matter experts.
  • Collaborates with the management team to prioritize development and attainment of key milestones compliant with approved commercialization timeline.
  • Actively participates in the development of process flow diagrams, heat & mass balances, piping & instrument diagrams, safety reviews, and economic estimates from initial concept to final design.

Work Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in any combination of the following disciplines: chemical process design, pilot plant operations, process simulations, reactor design, or separations work.
  • Experience scaling up new chemical process technologies from bench top to full scale production.
  • Demonstrated success as project team leader with responsibilities across all major disciplines required for scaling up new technology.
  • Experience with ethylene oxide and homogeneous catalyst process development desirable.

Education Requirements:

  • PhD in Chemical Engineering or Masters with equivalent experience.

To Apply, please e-mail your resume to