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Butanediol (BDO) is a $4B chemical intermediate used today to make textiles, engineering plastics, and solvents. The market for BDO is very attractive with high margins and growth rates exceeding 5% per year. There are currently at least five processes in operation to make BDO, and all are economical depending on raw material position and technology access. Novomer's route to BDO is unique for several reasons:

  • It has the potential to be 30% lower cost than today's processes
  • Uses ethylene derivatives (from natural gas) as a raw material
  • Leverages a catalyst system that is >99% selective from ethylene oxide to succinic anhydride
  • The carbon monoxide reactions shown below are carried out in one reactor with the same catalyst
  • Known industrial processes exist to convert succinic anhydride to BDO