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Acrylic Acid Overview

Low Cost, Environmentally Friendly.

Novomer has developed a low cost, environmentally friendly route to make acrylic acid and acrylate esters. Ethylene oxide, carbon monoxide, and Novomer’s catalyst are combined together to form an intermediate called beta-propiolactone. The propiolactone is then converted to polypropiolactone which is used to produce either glacial acrylic acid or acrylate esters.

Acrylic acid is made today using propylene instead of ethylene oxide as the main feedstock. The propylene is reacted in the presence of oxygen at high temperatures and pressures in a complex reactor system that is very energy intensive. Novomer’s route to acrylic acid will produce the same final chemical, but at a lower cost and with a lower environmental impact.

Acrylic Acid Overview
Novomer technology can be used to produce propiolactone, which can be further converted to either glacial acrylic acid or acrylate esters